As a small local business we pride ourselves on our friendly customer service. Below is a small section of positive feedback we have received over the years.

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Great shop and very friendly shop owner! Highly recommended


Superb shop

Have been given encouragement and tech help by Colin now have made 3 thirty bottle batches of kit wine and 3 gallons of Apple and rhubarb wine from “First steps in winemaking ” have had nothing but praise for my efforts. Thanks Colin.


What a find!!

Great shop with a huge variety of essentials and a man who knows a lot about his stock. Went here after failing with my first batch and have not set a foot wrong since. All recommendations are spot on and was even allowed a superb Festval limited edition that was not yet on the shelf. A truly great home brewing experience.

Baz Mc22.09.14

Customer care

I found the person in the shop to be very helpful and knowledgeable . .I put a 5 star rating but would have put 10 if I could. Well done to the owner for running a great little gem of a shop. I will not be buying from the internet anymore, I will be supporting my local shop Faversham Homebrew every time from now on.

Sid Pickle2.11.13

Really nice shop. Great prices!

Visited the shop for the first time today and I was extremely impressed. The website doesn’t do the shop justice; it’s very nicely laid out with good stock levels and the owner was very helpful. I’ve previously bought all my equipment on the internet and eBay, but won’t be doing so again, because the shop’s much cheaper!

Martin Glynn30.10.13

Cheaper than eBay – no *really*

Great shop, great range, good advice and good value: OK so it might *seem* a couple of quid cheaper for the “headline” price on ebay, but to be honest with postage it’s actually *cheaper* from your local shop, and you can get brewing today (instead of waiting a few days, missing the delivery as it wont go through the letterbox etc etc) Also I was imprressed at Colin being totally prepared to get things in especially for me (rare “Galaxy” Hops in my case) and beers to taste in shop – very impressive results – you can’t taste a kit on ebay !!! OK so I believe in supporting local businesses too, but a natter might mean all the difference to your next project, like great impartial advice on recipes recently, thanks very much, I’ll be in for some Malt tomorrow !

ps I know what I am talking about, I have been brewing beer since i was… er 12… 😉
ps Case in point versus ebay is Coopers Wheat beer kit, do the maths if you dont believe me ! 😉



I was delighted when Colin opened his shop. I love a good beer, but begrudge paying the government half a pint in tax for every pint I get to drink, especially after working a long day on which I already have to hand over just under half my earnings. The beers produced by the kits in Colin’s excellent shop come out at under half the shop price, even when the shop beers were bought on offer. They taste as good, if not better and are something to look forward too on the drive home.

Production of a 40 pint kit takes 15 minutes one week, 10 minutes the next and the barrel is ready to drink in under three weeks. I now have three barrels on the go so that I always have beer at its optimum.

Colin is knowledgeable and a pleasure to chat to. I hope his business goes from strength to strength.

Alan Wood25.06.13

Knowledgable Shopkeeper

As a brewing novice I was guided by Colin’s expert knowledge (which you don;t get buying from the Internet) and I’m now on my 6th 40 pint barrell of fantastic beer. Excellent assistance and fantastic stock… what more do you want?!

Bill Brade2.11.12

The best homebrew shop

Well done colin what a fantastic shop and thanks for all the advise on brewing for a newbie .Just about to start my 3rd brew and great results so far.

Vince Richer12.10.12

Great local shop

I was really excited when this shop opened and I now use it instead of online shops, as I prefer the personal friendly service offered here. I have purchased a wide variety of goods for beer and wine making and I have always come away very satisfied. There have always been tasters on offer for beer and wine, so you can even try before you buy. Keep up the good work.

Joe Andrews24.04.12

A Great Little Shop

A welcome addition to the shopping centre of Faversham, and a great addition to the previously poor selection of homebrew shops in Kent.

As it gets known this shop will pull in customers from all over…

Chris Callaghan22.04.12

Excellent service

A friend recommended Faversham Homebrew as I had a particularly tricky beer in the planning. Colin provided excellent advice and the supplies I required at a reasonable price. I highly recommend him.

Steve Clark12.04.12

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